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Saltair, UT, USAOriginally, our goal was to build a Channel Tunnel between Hungary and the US. ...Ya know,
pick and shovel, keyboard and mouse…

Then we figured, Well, why not a tunnel under all seven seas?

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Developer’s Blog

Blog 17/11/2007

Llama at the Kecskemet Wildlife ParkWildlife Park Kecskemet

While browsing for subjects on Kiskunsag National Park’s homepage, I came upon an entry about the national park having donated bales of hay to the local zoo. That place is the corner of my heart (the way the Hungarian would say it) so I hereby dedicate another blog to it.

This safe haven for nature is literally a tiny island between a two-lane street and a busy railroad...

Developer's Blog 25/10/2007

The old Sekler’s visit to Hell

The old Sekler dies, but they have misplaced his records, so while they sort things out up above, he gets a VIP tour of Hell. Satan himself is his tour guide, and he proudly walks Old John along the dark, sulfury alleys and fire- and brimstone-lined halls....

Blog 24/09/2007

Musings Over Tim Cope’s Reception in Opusztaszer

He’s been on my mind for over three weeks now, since I first heard about his arrival to Hungary, and Googled him, and browsed around on his website to learn who he is. Later a Hungarian article called him a swashbuckler, and the negative connotations of the term seemed offensive to me…. Why? Who is Tim Cope? And why does he matter?

Just Blog 15/09/2007

Formula One Formula

I’m a declared Hamilton fan; so one of my friends takes great joy in being the first to give me any and all bad news about McLaren. Last night I was toiling away behind the computer, when the chat window pops up...

Developer's Blog 24/08/2007

WM Media Ltd. Printing Services
Our Best Kept Secret is work AND a hobby for many of us, but it’s not “just” that. It is also a showcase of our team’s talents and capabilities, a sampler of the online and offline services we can offer: from writing and translation/localization to illustration and spotlighting, and from online articles to print ads and sales materials.

Developer's Blog 14/08/2007

Patrick, Anita, and the place to be this summer

Anita and Patrick have traveled the world from South Africa to Latin America and Eastern Europe, to find the ideal place to welcome guests in a relaxed atmosphere. They found that place in Tiszaderzs, Hungary.

Developer's Blog 04/08/2007 -- July 2007
July in Retrospect

At the end of June, we set up separate statistics for the three languages of One thing that became obvious right away is that a significant number of visitors to the English pages come from Budapest...

At the Zoo

Newly born Baby Goat

Good to Be Alive

More farm animals followed, and we were about to turn off a side-path, when my friend started laughing. “Check out that goat on the ladder”, he said. And indeed, there was a goat on the top of a ladder, and he was looking at us as if saying,

And where do you think you are going?

Just Blog 15/07/2007

Walnut tree

So I Actually Am a Tree-Hugger

At first I was only annoyed by the noise and the exhaust gas.
…Until I realized what they were up to.

Just Blog 13/07/2007

Click to see process
Author Unknown, Protagonist Yes

Normally I don't wake up at 5 in the morning and say, And today, I shall forward chain letters. ...Much less post them in my company blog. But this is your (un?)lucky day: here comes one.

Developer's Blog 06/07/2007


I’ll say Goodbye for the weekend, and I am leaving you with a call to pamper yourselves, and a thought from Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael...

Developer's Blog 04/07/2007

The Not So Obvious

Besides this week’s Cool Blue of the Start page (notice how it soars, btw?), I’ve been adding little touches to quite a few of the articles. See for example ‘Goulash a la Jonah’ in Internet Explorer. Point your mouse over each picture, and read the-story-within-the-story...

Developer's Blog 30/06/2007

Heart and Mind

...The day’s highlight was the private tour we received of the Cathedral, the Cathedral’s Library, the Treasury of the Archbishopric, and the Paprika Museum. …And of course, partaking of the wisdom, knowledge, and soul of our guide while we grazed our eyes on the magnificent beauty of these places, and gained even more appreciation for the people who brought them to life.

Developer's Blog 22/06/2007

Third Is the Charm

Although last night a storm interrupted the idyllic circumstances on the Square, the audience is bound to be back for a concert by the local folk group, Csik, followed by Zsolt Richly’s “John the Boaster” (or Janos Hary, the chronic liar of the Hungarian folklore) on the big screen.

Developer's Blog 18/06/2007

Brilliance of the Dark Ages

Kalocsa's diocese is one of the ten established by St. Stephen around 1000 AD. Its library has a replica of St. Stephen's crown on display, along with a number of illuminated manuscripts and other books of high value.

Developer's Blog 14/06/2007

Eosine and Pyrogranite

Let’s repeat that one more time: Eosine and Pyrogranite. What in the world are those?
I’ll be honest here: until 5.30 this morning, I didn’t have a clue.

Developer's Blog 13/06/2007

An Actor Out on Loan

For today’s title I borrowed this line from “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors, because of two things. The obvious: the most recent article I posted on is an invitation to the “Riders on the Storm” concert on July 7, 2007, on Budapest’s Margaret Island.

Image source: USA Today -- The Weather Guys

Developer's Blog 12/06/2007

With Your Safety in Mind

This has been one of those days again, when we were working on things that you don’t readily see on your screen. Yet I still managed to squeeze in something visible AND useful: a few words on making phone calls while you are visiting Hungary, and some of the numbers you should have handy...

Developer's Blog 10/06/2007

Second Bump-in With Auto Racing

…And the end result: I’ve been converted to F1!
Go Lewis Hamilton!

  Image: gpticketshop

Developer's Blog 09/06/2007

Inspired by Music

Watching Shrek inspired me to take on the translation of our article about the Kodaly Concept.
I can sincerely recommend it even if you are not a devout folk or classical music lover.

Developer's Blog 08/06/2007

Feeling Like a Queen – A Restaurant Review

You’ll look at this building and the garden, and you’ll have a sense of Home Sweet Home, and you’ll scurry through the gates to lose yourself in a 4-hour lunch break, just like we did.

Developer's Blog 07/06/2007

Crunching Numbers

We technically launched on March 19. Between April 5 and May 5 we had 804 visitors and 2,760 pageviews. Between May 6 and June 6 those numbers grew to 4,898 visitors and 10,777 pageviews...

Fantastic turn in the Transcontinental race. You have to see it to believe it!

Developer's Blog 06/06/2007

Worms of the World, Unite!

I picked this worm as my mascot for today, because he’s cute and colorful. …And he’s pretty skillful, ingenious, and persistent. And I need to keep all that in mind these days. ... I’m in dire need of clones.

I want one of them magic hammocks Homer Simpson had in “Send in the Clones”...

Developer's Blog 05/06/2007

Non Sequitur

As I was browsing through our Photo Gallery, I came across this one, “the Hungarian Sahara”, and it reminded me of an article I read about a week ago. By September 2007 the ASO will make a decision whether to start off the 2009 or 2010 Dakar Rally in Budapest...

Developer's Blog 04/06/2007

Don’t Hate Mondays

I hope ya’ll’s week got off to a good start. Mine sure did: I added a number of new guesthouses to the Accommodations list and a new article about the long-wool Racka sheep.

  Photo: Zold Pazsit (Green Grass) Guesthouse

Developer's Blog 03/06/2007

Az ígéret szép szó, ha megtartják úgy jó.

Well, I sort of kept my promise to take the day off, but I still have a couple of things to point out...

Photo: izsori

Developer's Blog 02/06/2007


Another day spent on working behind the scenes, but I think that all the English articles are now ready for the new database. Woo-hoo!

...Believe it or not, Calgary and Regina may just win the Transcontinental race!
   Photo: delvideki

Developer's Blog 01/06/2007

A Word of Warning

If there is something I would like you to keep in mind from all that I’ve told you in the past few weeks is this: if you ever decide to create a multilingual portal, never ever, EVVER, build the various languages on the same structure!

Photo: lacitot

Developer's Blog 31/05/2007

Clean Desk Policy

...A few hours later I found myself sitting at a local pizza parlor, chowing down my food, and having an over lunch conversation:
“…Well, in a sense, it is good that I don’t have an Internet connection for the second day now. See, I finally found time to clean my desk. For the first time in two months!”

My friend didn’t bat an eye, just swallowed his bite, and asked me in a nonchalant tone,
“Oh yeah? And where did you put all the stuff?”

Developer's Blog 30/05/2007

When It Rains It Pours …But luckily there’s always the proverbial silver lining. :)

I woke up this morning, and noticed that my Internet is GONE! The optimistic person that I am, I went trough the old routine of resetting the rooter, restarting the computer, even letting it all rest for a while, but nothing. In my utter desperation I said, Okay, then I’ll do something else, and by the time I finish with that, my Internet connection will come back on its own. Right?

   Photo: stefi

Developer's Blog 29/05/2007

So Who’s It Gonna Be?

Last night we left off saying that a race is on. Well, let me tell you, it’s getting pretty tight over here at the top of the hill. The U.S. traveled good all along, and is working on closing up on the whole front, yet Southern Canada may just get there faster with its concentrated efforts. …But watch out, folks! South America kicked on!...

Developer's Blog 28/05/2007

This Grape Is High, But It Sure Ain't Sour

I sat down behind the computer for a minute, before breakfast….
…Over eight hours later, around 3 PM, when I finally DID HAVE my “breakfast”, I was thinking, “Wow, what was that? And how did it happen?”...

...But it's all worthwhile: from Steinkjer and Novosibirsk on the North to Santiago, Jakarta and Melbourne on the South, Tokyo and Osaka on the East, to Prince George and San Francisco on the West, you come and visit our site from all over the world.

In fact, there is a new Transcontinental moment in the air!...

   Photo: zsuzs

Developer's Blog 27/05/2007

A Little Piece of Heaven

I had the great joy of meeting some of my Hungarian-American friends today. ...AND they brought me a care package from Wal-Mart...

Developer's Blog

Saltair, UT, USAOriginally, our goal was to build a Channel Tunnel between Hungary and the US. ...Ya know,
pick and shovel, keyboard and mouse…

Then we figured, Well, why not a tunnel under all seven seas?

Come take a peek

Developer's Blog 26/05/2007

Spitting my guts out???
Still feel great about hitting 8,000 pageviews. ...Just need a breather, I guess: hard work and success can be rather dizzying. :-)

Developer's Blog 25/05/2007

Extra-Extra, Read All About It!

The keyboards have been burning
under the computer programmers' and content developers' fingers, and when we really needed a break, we were out there taking pictures, and collecting stories and adventures to write about.