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Developer's Blog 10/06/2007

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June 10, 2007

Second Bump-in With Auto Racing

Believe me, I am as surprised as you are that within a short 5 days this is my second blog entry having to do with car racing. First you had the Budapest--Dakar Rally matter, and now I’m about to talk about the Formula One Grand Prix coming up in Budapest (well, Mogyorod), Hungary, on August 5th, 2007.

But let’s start at the beginning, shall we? I was peacefully taking the day off, when a friend called and asked if I wanted to go grocery shopping after 9 pm. Why 9 pm? Well, because they are televising the Canadian Grand Prix tonight, that’s why. …And it ends after 9.

“And why is a Hungarian watching the Canadian Grand Prix?”, I asked.
“I’m not watching the Canadian Grand Prix”, he replied.
“I am following the series. I don’t care if the race is in Canada or China.”
“Wow, it never occurred to me that following the Formula One events is a similar experience for guys as watching Soap Operas is for women….”
“Live and learn. Incidentally, the last event /sic/ of the series is going to actually occur in China:
  • Canadian GP: June 10
  • US GP: June 17
  • French GP: July 1st
  • UK GP: July 8th
  • German GP: July 22
  • Hungarian GP: August 5
  • Turkish GP August 26
  • Italian GP: September 9
  • Belgian GP: September 16
  • Japanese GP: September 30
  • Chinese GP: October 7
  • Brazil GP: October 21.
That left me speechless, because I never understood before what could you watch on a Formula One event.

„Well, duh! You get to see who the world champ is going to be. It’s actually rather exciting right now, because a newcomer, the British Lewis Hamilton is leading the championship...”

-- Canadian Grand Prix watching break --
…And the end result: I’ve been converted to F1!

Spectacular run in Montreal today, Lewis Hamilton!

Through Kubica’s scary accident and through safety car lap upon safety car lap, you kept your cool, focused on the race, and won like a real champ. Step on the very top, Lewis! Your fans are right behind you.

Best of luck in the US next week, and on the races following that, and we’ll see you in Hungary on August 5th!

Image source: Lewis Hamilton webpage


Lewis Hamilton - Boy Racer on Sport Asylum