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Saltair, UT, USAOriginally, our goal was to build a Channel Tunnel between Hungary and the US. ...Ya know,
pick and shovel, keyboard and mouse…

Then we figured, Well, why not a tunnel under all seven seas?

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Developer's Blog 18/06/2007

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June 18, 2007

Brilliance of the Dark Ages

Truth to be told, I won’t talk about the Dark Ages here, but you will see why I brought them up, if you read some of our newest articles. You will notice that we are spotlighting the city of Kalocsa, famous for the fact that:

  • Its diocese is one of the ten established by St. Stephen of Hungary,
  • Its first archbishop was the one who brought Stephen’s crown -- Hungary’s crown -- from the Pope around 1001 AD,
  • There is a replica of St. Stephen’s crown on display in its Cathedral’s Library, along with a number of illuminated manuscripts,
  • And last but not least, it is the hometown of renowned kinetic artist, Nicolas Shoeffer (1912-1992).

We have more articles coming up about Kalocsa, so stay tuned.