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Developer's Blog 22/06/2007

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June 22, 2007

Third Is the Charm

Today is the third day of the KAFF Animation Film Festival in Kecskemet. As it was expected, the first day was a hit: hundreds of locals and foreign travelers enjoyed the free cultural events at various locations. My U.S. friends and I got back in town only later in the evening, but we still caught the showing of Attila Dargay’s “Mattie the Gooseboy” (Ludas Matyi) at the open-air theater on Main Square.

The cute story of the bright peasant boy shaming the mean master by a threefold return of the beating he was given (and thus empowering the whole village) was as charming as it can be, and the characters of the movie put smiles on everyone’s faces, regardless of whether they understood Hungarian or not.

See for yourself on YouTube

The warm, summer-night breeze caressed our faces, and when we spaced out for a moment and looked above the screen, we could see the contours of the Mayor’s Hall and the Great Church framing a brilliant sky.

Although last night a storm interrupted the idyllic circumstances on the Square, the audience is bound to be back for a concert by the local folk group, Csik, followed by Zsolt Richly’s “John the Boaster” (or Janos Hary, the chronic liar of the Hungarian folklore) on the big screen.

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