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Saltair, UT, USAOriginally, our goal was to build a Channel Tunnel between Hungary and the US. ...Ya know,
pick and shovel, keyboard and mouse…

Then we figured, Well, why not a tunnel under all seven seas?

Come take a peek

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Developer's Blog 03/06/2007

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June 3, 2007

On Promises and Lazy Days

Yesterday I promised you that I will take the day off, and I meant to do it, earnestly. Except that the lure of the computer got the best of me, so I ended up posting a new article on Kecskemet, doing some translation on the Paprika Museum in Kalocsa (full article not published yet), and posting a couple of questions on Yahoo Answers, “to feel out my audience”. The rest of the day was really spent on sweet cloud watching, as virtual as that my have been.

Photo: izsori

…But tomorrow I have a date w/ some friends, so we’re really going to paint the town red. ;-)

...Especially if by tomorrow night I will be able to announce the winner of the Transcontinental race!
We are extremely close. Who’s it gonna be? Canada or the U.S.?