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Then we figured, Well, why not a tunnel under all seven seas?

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Developer's Blog 30/06/2007

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June 30, 2007

Heart and Mind

Yesterday we traveled to Kalocsa to meet our friend at the Cathedral’s Library, and to get a sense of the summer bloom of the city. The day’s experiences struck me with a realization, or rather reminded me of something I recognized ten years ago:

No natural or man-made beauty can have as powerful an impact
as the character of an outstanding person we come in contact with,
…we befriend, and we resolve to honor and cherish through all times.

The day’s highlight was the private tour we received of the Cathedral, the Cathedral’s Library, the Treasury of the Archbishopric, and the Paprika Museum. …And of course, partaking of the wisdom, knowledge, and soul of our guide, while we grazed our eyes on the magnificent beauty of these places, and gained even more appreciation for the people who brought them to life.

After lunch at the Barokk Café, and a walk in the Gardens of the Archiepiscopal Palace, we strolled down St. Istvan Street to visit the Visky Karoly Museum, having a permanent folk art exhibit on display, and the Schoeffer Museum, showcasing kinetic art by Nicolas Schoeffer.

We crowned the day with a relaxing hike in the woods by the Danube. The soft rays of the evening sun reflecting on the waves of the old river reminded us of the heart and soul of all things.

Images courtesy of the Archiepiscopal Treasury, Kalocsa