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Developer's Blog 08/06/2007

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June 8, 2007

Feeling Like a Queen – A Restaurant Review

My “eat-out partner” called me to join him for a feast some place of my choice. My eyes immediately lit up at the prospect of having the opportunity to take someone to the local  Sasfeszek (Eagle’s Nest) Restaurant, reopened on April 25, this year. So we hopped in his car, turned on the AC (it was 35 degrees Celsius outside), and started driving out the town on road 52, towards Dunafoldvar. (Follow the Auchan signs in the city.)

Sasfeszek is right at the foot of the highway ramp. (You go on the ramp and keep right, and you’ll end up on the highway, heading for Budapest, but if you keep left, and turn left after about 400 meters, you’ll find yourself in the Sasfeszek parking lot.) You’ll look at this building and the garden, and you’ll have a sense of Home Sweet Home, and you’ll scurry through the gates to lose yourself in a 4-hour lunch break, just like we did.

Oh, my heavens! Just reading the menu is a feast in itself. You’ll find traditional Hungarian dishes along International favorites, appetizers, “beer-food” (sörkorcsolyák), salads, vegetarian, a wide variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, and Desserts, of course.

This time around I asked for some Tonic water (due to the tropical weather conditions outside), and proceeded with a careful study of the menu: What would make a regale, and still keep me looking like a diet conscious woman? I opted for their Grilled Chicken Breast with Zesty Butter, served with fries and a variety of fresh salads. Boy, was it an excellent choice!

My friend ordered a traditional Hungarian meal, Veal Stew and Dumplings with Cottage Cheese. He couldn’t believe his eyes, when he saw his plates, and he kept nagging me on to try everything that was on them. I’d say he was mighty satisfied with the fabulous food and outstanding service, because by the time he got to his after meal Cappuccino, he mentioned for about the tenth time: “We oughtta do this more often. Even if not every day, once, ...better yet, twice a month is a MUST.”

The restaurant’s webpage is still under construction, but I hope that in the near future I will be able to give you more detail on all they have to offer. I definitely vote it "a must see & experience” event, when you are in Kecskemet.