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Saltair, UT, USAOriginally, our goal was to build a Channel Tunnel between Hungary and the US. ...Ya know,
pick and shovel, keyboard and mouse…

Then we figured, Well, why not a tunnel under all seven seas?

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Developer's Blog 28/05/2007

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May 28, 2007

This Grape Is High, But It Sure Ain't Sour

Hello. Hope y'all had a great Memorial weekend and are ready to start surfing the Net. :)

I woke up this morning, and on my way to the kitchen I said to myself, “Well, let's take a looksy at what happened on last night”. So I sat down behind the computer for a minute, before breakfast….

…Over eight hours later, around 3 PM, when I finally DID HAVE my “breakfast”, I was thinking, “Wow, what was that? And how did it happen?”

Well, I tell you what happened. While I was looking at the Google stats, I remembered that I promised you to do little touchups on the site this weekend. So I thought I'd better take care of those while I'm there. I went ahead and opened the Things to Do menu, and checked every single link under it. Boy, I had holes to fill all over the place. One thing I can tell you right up, research and documentation is the pits!

I tried to do it all by the books. I checked what you see when you click on each link, what might you be missing, what information would you need, what else would you want to hear about, and what kinds of visual aids would make your stay enjoyable. So I searched the Net to and fro, found some good sources and images, linked them in, and then wrote to some businesses and institutions to ask for info and illustrations I could use on the site. By the end of the day I felt like a housewife after a full day of cleaning, when the kids and the husband come home from school and work, and she just wants to shout, “Hey, guys, can you see all the effort I put in today? I dusted all the blinds in the house!…”

…But then I looked at the stats again, and I saw that YOU notice. Thank you. That makes it all worthwhile: from Steinkjer and Novosibirsk on the North to Santiago, Jakarta and Melbourne on the South, Tokyo and Osaka on the East, to Prince George and San Francisco on the West, you come and visit our site from all over the world.

…In fact, I noticed something over here:

Image source: Google Analytics

U.S. folk, it looks like the East coast dots are about to meet the West coast dots.
There is a new Transcontinental moment in the air! I wonder which town will get the Golden Spike?

Any bets? The race is On.