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Developer's Blog 30/05/2007

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May 30, 2007

When It Rains It Pours

…But luckily there’s always the proverbial silver lining. :)

I woke up this morning, and noticed that my Internet is GONE! The optimistic person that I am, I went trough the old routine of resetting the rooter, restarting the computer, even letting it all rest for a while, but nothing. In my utter desperation I said, Okay, then I’ll do something else, and by the time I finish with that, my Internet connection will come back on its own. Right?

You will just LOVE both of the things I ended up doing. First of all, I met somebody, a genuine globetrotter, AND he’s interested in sharing his adventures with you all. I sat there over an orange juice and listened to him talk and talk. And from what I heard, I can guarantee you that you will love this guy as much as I do. So look for articles by Gabesz coming up in the near future!

The second thing I did today is went on a site-capturing tour with Aniko, and took pictures of the most interesting things to see in downtown Kecskemet, and recorded the bells on the Mayor’s Hall. Very famous; you’ll see and hear them soon.

 Photo: stefi

…After a quick lunch, I went home to check on my connection to the Net, which was supposed to magically heal while I was gone. No luck. So I called the provider company, and left them a message that I’d like them to check on that. …But of course, that still didn’t solve the problem of me catching up with you today! Therefore, I decided to „borrow” a friend’s office, so here I am! :)

...You are just dieing to know whether the U.S. or Canada won the Transcontinental race, don’t you? Or at least to know how far did South America get this past day? Well, I’m going to be mean today, and just say this much:

The race is still On.

PS: Note that I started a Genealogy section under Things to Do.