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Then we figured, Well, why not a tunnel under all seven seas?

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Developer's Blog 31/05/2007

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May 31, 2007

Clean Desk Policy

A friend called me this morning and asked if I wanted to go out for pizza for lunch. I thought that was an excellent idea, so a few hours later I found myself sitting at a local pizza parlor, chowing down my food, and having an over lunch conversation:

“…Well, in a sense, it is good that I don’t have an Internet connection for the second day now. See, I finally found time to clean my desk. For the first time in two months!”

My friend didn’t bat an eye, just swallowed his bite, and asked me in a nonchalant tone, “Oh yeah? And where did you put all the stuff?”

I wrinkled my eyebrows, stared down at my pizza for a moment, started to cut me another piece, and I thought, “The guy is too smart. …And he knows me too well. …Well, what the …. I’ll let him have this one.” So I spilled out the truth:
 “Okay, so it’s spread all over my bed now.” But I needed to give myself some hope, so I added a bit later, “...But when I go to bed tonight, it will all go on the floor. And then when the next day I cannot walk around in the room, it’ll get organized and put away.”

My friend may have had his own ideas about the whole thing, but he said nothing, just put another piece of Saloon pizza in his mouth, and looked delightfully content.


After lunch, I went home to my clean desk, noticed that I still don’t have an Internet connection, so I came over to this emergency office, and uploaded a few nice images to the Folk Costume on the Hungarian Lowlands article. They are worth checking out, even if you’ve seen the article before.


Hawaii joined the Transcontinental race yesterday, but we still don’t have a winner, so I will give you a few pointers. Besides getting further localities involved, you can connect the dots by raising the number of visits in strategic places. See, if there are more and more visitors from a certain city, the city gets a larger circle. So if you raise the diameter of certain cities’ dots, you’ll win the race. Here are some of the cities that can really make a difference:

  • Calgary & Regina in Canada
  • Colorado Springs & Oklahoma City in the U.S., and
  • Santiago & Buenos Aires in South America

The Golden Spike Award awaits you! :)