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Blog 17/11/2007

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November 17, 2007

Wildlife Park Kecskemet

While browsing for subjects on Kiskunsag National Park’s homepage, I came upon an entry about the national park having donated bales of hay to the local zoo. That place is the corner of my heart (a szivem csucske), the way the Hungarian would say it, so I hereby dedicate another blog to it.

Kecskemet Wildlife Park EntranceHay Donation to the Kecskemet Wildlife Park

This safe haven for nature is literally a tiny island between a two-lane street and a busy railroad. The Kecskemet Wildlife Park and Nature Conservation Foundation (Kecskemeti Vadaskert Termeszetvedelmi Alapitvany) and its supporters did a wonderful job at creating EU conform habitats for the animals of the zoo, and a cozy picnic area for the visitors, yet my heart still strains with sadness each time a train passes by and the ground shakes and throbs beneath my feet. The animals don’t seem to mind it (they’ve gotten used to it), but I still wish I were able to move them to a quieter, more peaceful place.

But on a lighter note, those of you who have read my July 22 entry, you know that my friend and I were the first people to notice the birth of a baby goat at the petting zoo. We don’t know if he/she got a name from the zookeepers, but we named it Kisgida (Little Goat – note our strike of brilliance and creativity with that), and we keep going back to check on him (her?). He’s our little Knut. :-)

Kisgida is bornKisgida at 4 months
Before and after. Click on images to enlarge

It was wonderful to see him in the National Park article almost grown up, strong, healthy, and sniffing at that hay.
Thank you Kiskunsag National Park. Kisgida loves you.

Kecskemet Wildlife Park
6000 Kecskemet
Mukert setany 1

  • Summer hours: 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM
  • Winter hours: 9.00 AM - 4.00 PM