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Saltair, UT, USAOriginally, our goal was to build a Channel Tunnel between Hungary and the US. ...Ya know,
pick and shovel, keyboard and mouse…

Then we figured, Well, why not a tunnel under all seven seas?

Come take a peek

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Developer's Blog 25/10/2007

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October 25, 2007

The old Sekler’s visit to Hell

The old Sekler dies, but they have misplaced his records, so while they sort things out up above, he gets a VIP tour of Hell. Satan himself is his tour guide, and he proudly walks Old John (Janos ba’) along the dark, sulfury alleys and fire- and brimstone-lined halls.

They arrive to this one place of horror, where a great number of people are boiling in a huge, stinky pot, with much screaming and gnashing of teeth. There is a tall post next to the pot of abomination, with some writing on it; and a fully armed, morose, elite commando warrior fixes a pair of inexorable eyes on the tormented crowd.

‘Mr. Devil, Sir’, Old John turns to Satan, ‘who are these people, and what is going on?’

‘Well, Old John’, Satan replies, ‘these are the Americans. They respect our constitution, and they are kept in check by supreme military power, so they stay in the pot and suffer peacefully.’

They walk on through a side corridor, and arrive to another hall dominated by a scorching pot filled with people. The setting is pretty much the same, but there is no soldier whatsoever standing next to the sign by the pot.

‘Oh, and who are these? And where is the elite commando? …And what does it say on that sign?’ asks Old John.

‘Ah, these are the Germans!… The sign says, “Stay in the pot! It is the law,” and they respect that’, replies Satan, with a nod of appreciation, as they move on to another alley.

They finally arrive to a most horrific place, where millions of people are suffering terrible torments in the sizzling cauldron. The ghastly scene is raised to the nth power by the freedom and solitude surrounding the pot.

‘What in the…’ Old John stops in utter confusion. ‘Who are these, and what keeps them in there?”

‘Oh, these are the Hungarians’, says Satan. “No need for restrictive laws or military power. If any of them would try to climb out of their misery, the rest would drag her back down.”



The Seklers (Szekely, Szekler, Secler, Secui, Secul)

The Sekler Myth of Origin – in bad English, but can be followed along; it’s worth it