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Just Blog 15/09/2007

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September 15, 2007

Formula One Formula

I’m a declared Hamilton fan; so one of my friends takes great joy in being the first to give me any and all bad news about McLaren. Last night I was toiling away behind the computer, when the chat window pops up:

>> 20:06:47 mclaren was banned. unfortunately only from the constructor’s championship
>> 20:07:04: and fined $100.000.000

I made a desperate attempt to count the zeros that followed the 1, then gave up, and the following conversation took place:

<< 20:10:28: that sum, can it be expressed in words?
>> 20:32:19: absolutely, 100 million dollars. :)
>> 20:32:29: alonso’s 5-year income. :)
<< 20:36:02: nice
<< 20:36:14: and how would that look translated into My yearly income???
>> 20:36:25: now There is a sum that cannot be expressed in words! :))))
>> 20:36:49: many milliards of years. :)))
>> 20:36:58: hang on. i'll add it up for you. maybe my calculator has enough room to display that many digits
>> 20:37:08: :)))))
>> 20:37:32: 148 333 monthly paychecks, that’s 12 361 years
>> 20:37:39: that is to say, your 12-thousand-year income. :)
<< 20:38:12: aha. that sucks
<< 20:38:27: i may not live that long... :-(