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Saltair, UT, USAOriginally, our goal was to build a Channel Tunnel between Hungary and the US. ...Ya know,
pick and shovel, keyboard and mouse…

Then we figured, Well, why not a tunnel under all seven seas?

Come take a peek

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Photo Gallery

Welcome to the photo gallery, a continually updated collection of photo contest entries and our personal and visitor photographs.

Come and see the thousand faces of Hungary and the Hungarian culture

Hungarian Moments Photo Contest 2006

Amateur and professional photography introducing the Hungarian Great Plains, the 'Puszta': flora and fauna, landscapes, characteristic buildings, cultural moments, people, or fun things to do in the region.

Contest winners:
1. Storm on the Hortobagy - kallosz

Storm on the Hortobagy, Hungarian Plains
2. Homeward Bound - kalman

Homeward Bound, grey cattle on the Hungarian Plain, sunset
3. Golden Bull - ujvaris

Golden Bull, scene from the puszta, Hungarian Plain

Popularity vote:

 Wing-stroke - zsirosistvan


All photo contest entries: