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Attila and the Hungarian Anthem

Attila, the 4th century barbarian warlord is said to have signed his official documents with the following title:

Attila, son of Bendeguz, grandson of the great Nimrod, who was brought up in Engadi;
king of the Huns, the Goths, the Medes, and the Danes;
the fear of the earth and the scourge of God.

In 1823, Ferenc Kolcsey, the author of The Hungarian Anthem recalls the history of Hungary and prays to God to protect and grant good cheer to the nation:

Thou hast brought our forefathers
To the divine Carpathian peaks
And through Thy holy grace alone
Did Bendeguz’s sons find home.
And where the Tisza
And the Danube roam
Arpad’s brave descent
Waxed strong.

Translation: Iren Bencze

For the full text of the Hungarian Anthem in Hungarian and in William N. Loew’s 1881 English rendition, click here.
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