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Hiros Week Festival Kecskemet 2007

August 28, 2007 - September 2, 2007

The Kecskemet and Area Multipurpose Association was established on June 30, 2004, as the successor of the Kecskemet and Area Development and Local Government Association established in June 1996. Local governments of the following 18 localities joined forces in developing the region and helping their citizens succeed: Agasegyhaza, Balloszog, Felsolajos, Fulophaza, Helvecia, Jakabszallas, Kecskemet, Kerekegyhaza, Kunbaracs, Ladanybene, Lajosmizse, Lakitelek, Nyarlorinc, Orgovany, Szentkiraly, Tiszakecske, Tiszaug, and Varosfold.

During the 10th Hiros Week Festival running from August 28 to September 2, 2007, the above localities will introduce their produce and products, their agricultural goods and crafts, and report on their achievements in the past ten years through a photo and trophy display at the Horticulture Expo and Food Show in the Ferenc Erdei Cultural Center (Erdei Ferenc Muvelodesi Kozpont), Kecskemet, Deak ter 1.

As it has been the tradition for years, every day new localities will get a chance to introduce themselves. After a brief address by the local mayor, crafts exhibits, tasting of local produce, and cultural productions will introduce guests to the local treasures, as it follows:

  • August 28, Tuesday: Balloszog and Jakabszallas
  • August 29, Wednesday: Agasegyhaza, Fulophaza, and Orgovany
  • August 30, Thursday: Kerekegyhaza, Helvecia, Kunbaracs
  • August 31, Friday: Ladanybene, Lajosmizse, Felsolajos
  • September 1, Saturday: Tiszakecske, Nyarlorinc
  • September 2, Sunday: Szentkiraly, Tiszaug, Lakitelek

On Wednesday, August 29, between 3.00 and 6:00 PM, a Micro-regional afternoon will be held on the Kecskemet Main Square stage, with the participation of the following musical and dance groups:
Kek Nefelejcs Zither Band Tiszakecske Hungary
  • Boroka /Juniper/ Folk Song Choral Society (Agasegyhaza)
  • Buzavirag /Corn-flower/ Folk Dance Group (Lajosmizse)
  • Kecske Folk Dance Group (Tiszakecske)
  • Kek Nefelejcs /Forget Me Not/ Zither Band (Tiszakecske)
  • Kokeny /Blackthorn/ Zither Band (Kunbaracs)
  • Nyarlorinc Pensioners Choral Society (Nyarlorinc)
  • Pantlika /Ribbon/ Folk Dance Group (Kerekegyhaza)
  • Shake Dance Group (Fulophaza)
  • Szentkiralyi Dance Group (Szentkiraly)
  • Szepkoruak Korusa /Choir of the Venerables/ (Tiszakecske)
  • Oszi Szel /Autumn Wind/ Folk Song Choral Society (Fulophaza)
  • “Oszirozsa” /Aster/ Club of the Venerables (Balloszog)
  • “Oszirozsa” /Aster/ Folk Song Choral Society (Lajosmizse)


Kecskemet es Tersege Tobbcelu Tarsulas
/Kecskemet and Area Multipurpose Association/
6000 Kecskemet, Kossuth ter 1.

Tel.: 36-76/512-274; Fax: 36-76/513-538

Kecskemet es Tersege Informacios es Szolgaltato Kozpont

/Kecskemet and Area Information and Service Center/
6000 Kecskemet, Rakoczi u. 3.

Tel.: 36-76/504-780; Fax: 36-76/504-781


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