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Welcome to the photo gallery, a continually updated collection of photo contest entries and our personal and visitor photographs.

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Known since ancient times, and considered to be a flower sent by the Sun God, Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla or M. recutica) was used even in Egypt and Rome as a topical ointment to relieve muscle pain. Disaccharides, a Greek doctor, and Plinius, a famous writer and Renaissance man of the 1st century suggested applying it to cure headache, as well as kidney, liver and bladder problems. Its anti-inflammatory powers were mentioned as early as the medieval times, in prescriptions from monks serving in hospitals and monasteries.

Chamomile, found throughout the country, and famous for its unparalleled curative powers, is most wide spread on the lick soil of the Hungarian Great Plains. One of the main active agents of the Hungarian Chamomile oil is chamazulene. Some of the therapeutic uses of Chamomile oil include treating inflammation (internal and external as well), improving digestion, and treating menstrual and menopausal problems.
Photo: trixi72  

Cultivated Chamomile is gathered in June and July
; its fully bloomed flowers are picked carefully with a tool resembling a comb. When the flowers seem to be dropping their little white heads, it is time to “gather the crop”. Fresh and dried Chamomile is equally effective in various cures.