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Dessert from the East

Keleti csemege: no sugar, no sweeteners – modern-day nutrition with an almost 2000-year-old dessert.

Dessert from the East, date-almond balls in coconut shredsIngredients for about 20 nut-size pieces:
200 g dried dates, pitted
100 g unsalted almonds – ground
Orange juice
Coconut shreds

Preparation time
: 20 minutes

: ☺


Pulse the almonds in a food processor until finely ground. Clean the food processor, then pulse the pitted, dried dates, and combine with the ground almonds. Add orange juice to get a thick mixture.

Spread the coconut shreds in a shallow dish. Form the date-almond-orange mix into 1-inch balls, and roll in coconut shreds.

  • You can use cashews instead of almonds.
  • If you like sour taste, try this dessert with lemon juice or any kind of sour jam instead of orange juice.
  • Perfect dessert for families – kids love to help to make these delicious little balls, and eat them afterwards!