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Coconut Mice

A little sweet, a little cute, but never boring! These adorable mice are no bake, and their creation is a perfect pastime for children on gray winter days. The more times we make them, the more new ideas we come up with to embellish the scene.

Coconut MiceIngredients for about 25 mice:

150 ml condensed milk
150 g desiccated coconut
100 g icing sugar
silver cake-decorating balls, for making eyes
sugar or liquorice bootlaces for tails
sweets or almonds, cut into slivers for ears
and whatever other decorations we think of

Preparation time
: 30 minutes

: ☺


Mix together condensed milk, desiccated coconut and icing sugar to get a soft dough. With damp hands, take small quantities of the dough, and form into elongated mouse shape dumplings. And then comes the fun part! The kids will have a blast personalizing their mice: use silver balls for eyes, pieces of candy or almond slivers for ears, and sugar bootlaces for tails.

  • We can form mice from the Dessert from the East as well. Field mice and white mice get along quite well in this context. :)