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Safety in Hungary

We are presently working on a system to keep you on top of the most recent matters that affect public safety in Hungary. In the mean time, however, we would like to give you a thumb rule and a few reliable sources to hold you through.

The thumb rule

It is a bad joke, but it is widely accepted:

In Hungary you’ve got Budapest
and then you’ve got the countryside.

Regardless of city- and population size, industrial- or touristic prominence, if it’s not Budapest, “it’s the outback”.

What this means to you is that if you are traveling to Hungary, you need to check out what’s going on in Budapest. Whatever is happening in Hungary that might affect your safety, it is a pretty good guess that Budapest (downtown Budapest) will be its focal point.

Where to look – a few reliable sources

26 Jan 2007 – Budapest is currently rated as a high-threat post for crime, based on a low, medium, high and critical scale. Although low by U.S. standards, Budapest's crime rate has increased over the past few years, most notably in the arenas of fraud and property crimes. The crimes committed against Americans are based on opportunities; the criminal threat is not anti-American. /…/

Street crimes, particularly pocketpicking, petty theft from persons, theft from unattended vehicles and vandalism are the most frequently reported incidents. Budapest's major train stations and the public transportation (tram, subway and bus) system are popular venues for such thefts. /…/

The "consumption girl" scam is a popular tactic used to over-charge victims. Typically, local women offer to practice their English language skills at restaurants, clubs and nightspots with overpriced drinks. /…/

Small, fractional fringe element groups of Nationalists, Neo-Nazis and skinhead groups are present in Hungarian society, but rarely adversely impact foreigners. Their activities, particularly rallies, are strictly limited and monitored by police. /…/

There have been no acts of terrorism directed against American interests in Hungary. Travelers are encouraged to visit the U.S. Embassy Budapest website for current information.

Emergency Numbers (coming soon)

U.S. citizens planning to travel to Hungary should acquaint themselves with common tourist scams and areas with a high incidence of theft. Since we would like you to have an enjoyable trip to Hungary, this advisory has been issued in the hope that with advance warning, you can avoid potential theft situations. Keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of Americans have had pleasant, incident-free stays in Hungary.

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