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Daisy Salad

This is a classic potato-mayonnaise salad, garnished with hard-boiled eggs – serve it fresh to have a pretty daisy on the table.

Daisy salad, potato-mayonnaise, flower petals garnish, hard-boiled eggsIngredients for about 5 servings:

1000 g potato
175 ml sour cream
1 ts mustard
white pepper
1 ts lemon juice
1 TS sugar
200 ml mayonnaise
1 small onion
5 hard boiled eggs

Preparation time
: 60 minutes +

: ☺


Wash the potatoes and cook them in salty water. When done, cool, peel, and then dice them.

In a smaller bowl combine the mayonnaise, sour cream and mustard; add lemon juice, salt, sugar and white pepper to taste. After peeling, grate or finely chop the onion, and add it to the mayo mixture. Put the diced potatoes into a bigger bowl, pour the dressing over it, and mix carefully. Lay the potato-mayonnaise salad on a tray or a bigger plate, creating a little heap in the middle.

Hard-boil the eggs, clean and dice them. Take out the egg yolks into a smaller bowl.
Decorate the potato salad with the egg whites arranged in a circle like flower petals, leaving the middle empty. Grate the egg yolks into this empty place: this will be the center of the flower. Garnish the salad with slices of red pepper, lettuce, parsley or ham rolls.

Serve fresh.

  • Add ingredients to mayonnaise to taste.
  • Mix carefully the potato with the dressing. It is advisable to make this salad at least a day earlier, to have a better taste.
  • Garnish the salad in the last moment, otherwise the eggs will dry, and the lettuce leaves will lose their freshness.