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Tisza Lodge Tiszaderzs = serving foreign visitors to Hungary
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Szabóné Kotlárik Ágnes
Szabóné Kotlárik Ágnes, Food Columnist, Puszta.comFood Columnist

As a child, I always helped out in the kitchen, so I learned the basics of Hungarian cooking at a very young age. Later – up to this day – I experimented with new tastes. Besides the traditional meals, I like to try foreign recipes, and to cook some of the exotic dishes of other countries. I like experimenting with food, to revive long forgotten recipes, or to come up with totally new taste combinations.

Being a teacher and a mother of three – not to mention all the housework – I don't have too much time for my favorite hobbies, but everything goes faster if I get the children involved. (Besides cooking, I like to make postcards and gifts for my friends and acquaintances.)

When writing the recipes, I tried to be clear and understandable, and I hope I was able to give you a few hints on how to make easier and tastier dishes. I hope both beginners and experienced housewives can find recipes that suit their needs, with clues to make their daily meals ever more exciting.

Have a good time browsing through these recipes, and have fun with cooking afterwards.

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your interest. Starting from June 2009, you may find these and more recent recipes at