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The Székely Runic Script

A székely rovásírás

The Székely runic script is a Turkic type script perpetuated among the Székelys of south-east Transylvania, Romania. It is believed to have originated before the Hungarian Conquest (Honfolgalás).

The Székely runic script

It was usually carved, engraved in wood, hence the name ‘rovásírás’ – engraved writing. The direction of writing, as in the Semitic scripts, is from right to left.

The most important relics with Székely runic script are:
  • the brick from Székelyderzs
  • the inscription of Bögöz village’s temple
  • the Alphabet of Nikolsburg
  • Marsigli’s calendar with runic script
  • the carved inscription of Constantinople, and
  • the runic inscription of Énlaka.
In the past thirty years other remains have been found on Székelyföld, and more are expected to surface in the future.

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