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The End of the Journey: Opusztaszer



: September 22, 2007 . Tim arrives 1 pm. Program of events for media begins 11.15 am

: Opusztaszer National Park Hungary. (See how to get there further below.)

As Tim rides the final moments of his epic journey with his three horses and dog Tigon, he will be honored at one of the most sacred and important historical sites in Hungary, Opusztaszer, where in the year 896 the modern nation of Hungary was born. In a visually stunning, emotional and historical ceremony, Tim will pay tribute to the original nomads of Hungary (known as ‘Magyars’) who came from the east by horse, and the many other steppe peoples who have migrated across Eurasia for millennia, including the Mongols. All interested party, media, and visitors are welcome.

Greeted by ambassadors of Mongolia, Australia, and Kazakhstan, a member of Hungarian parliament, president of the national equestrian tourism association, famous Scottish explorer Gordon Naysmith, fifty horsemen in traditional wear, and his mother from Australia, he will ride down an avenue with up to 1000 onlookers before laying a wreath upon the shrine dedicated to the Eurasian Nomads who founded the nation of Hungary.

Tim Cope in Siberia
Following speeches and greetings, Tim will announce that he is presenting his horses (two of which have traveled with him for near on three years) as a gift to a Hungarian children’s home upon which there will be twenty children from the orphanage, and the director present to accept them. Tim hopes that his journey will help inspire young people to discover their history and culture and that his horses will encourage children to get out and experience the world around them.

The ceremony will be followed by a tour of the world famous panorama painting, which in 1600 square metres of canvas portrays the journey of the Hungarians on horseback across the Eurasian steppe, and their conquering of the Hungarian plains. Inside this centre there will be refreshments, a projector rolling with film material of Tim’s journey, the opportunity for media to take personal interviews, and a spectacular photo exhibition of the Kazakhs of Mongolia. Tim will also be drawing out the route of his journey on a huge map of Eurasia for media and onlookers. All visitors are welcome to visit a traditional yurt tent, open air and roofed museums, and view the many other features of the park.

After the viewing of the panorama painting, everyone will be invited to journey with Tim to a Yurt camp on the edge of the park. Here on open pasture, around fifty horsemen will put on a display of Horseback archery, horseback wrestling, racing, and other traditions of the steppe nomads. A feast of goulash will be simmering in large cauldrons over a campfire, and all will be invited to dine, and try traditional Hungarian ‘Palinko’ /palinka/ (a unique national spirits drink).

Under the stars of the Hungarian steppe on the day after equinox, it is here that Tim’s journey will be laid to rest.


Opusztaszer is extremely accessible from the capital of Hungary Budapest.

By car: Allow two hours from Budapest. Follow the M5 until you see the turnoff to Kistelek and Opusztaszer. Kistelek is a town on the freeway, and Opusztaszer is just 10 kilometres from here. The road is well signed.

By Train
: Allow 2 and a half hours from Budapest to the town of Kistelek. From here the national park has scheduled buses for the 10km journey to Opusztaszer.


A range of accommodation is available in Opusztaszer to suit all budgets.

Those wishing to stay overnight at the Yurt Camp with Tim are invited to bring their own tent. The cost per person will be 800 ft (about $4). There are also places in Yurt tents for 1600 ft, but places are limited. Please Email Attila for details of this at: Cseppento Attila <>

Below is a list of further accommodation Opusztaszer ranging from luxury hotels to camping:


Szeri Kemping
Tel: +36-62-275-257, Ext. 103
Fax: +36-62-275-007

Erdei Vendeghaz
Tel: +36-30-303-4195

Platan Vendeghaz
Tel: +36-30-209-1020

Mozes Vendeghaz
Tel: +36-62-275-134

Szeri Ifjusagi Szallo
Tel.: +36-62-259-630
Mobile: +36-20-823-0121


Kronikas Park Fogado
Tel.: +36-62-269-311
Webpage: www.kronikasparkhu


Aqua Hotel
Tel.: +36-62-597-038
Fax: +36-62-597-039

Vandormarasztalo Kemping es Motel
Tel: +36-30-943-6351

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