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Photo Gallery

Welcome to the photo gallery, a continually updated collection of photo contest entries and our personal and visitor photographs.

Come and see the thousand faces of Hungary and the Hungarian culture

December 21. Thomas’s Day

According to legend, Doubtful Thomas was sent to India by the resurrected Christ to be a carpenter at the construction of the king’s palace. Thomas did obey Christ, and worked for and lived with the foreign ruler for many years. Thus, he is considered to be the Patron Saint of the Carpenters.

He is also a patron of marriage. One interesting custom in Hungary was when young women walked around in the village, deliberately knocking the fences and hedges, to see which dogs will bark at them. According to the traditon, their future husband would come from the home where a dog barked at them.

Pig killing feast, Tanyacsárda, Lajosmizse, Hungary

December 21, Thomas’ day was the traditional day for pig killing as well. In a sense, with the pig killing and the feast that followed, people symbolically put an end to the year that passed. ...And from the savory sight of the feast, they already started celebrating the new year ahead of them. :)