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Developments on Debrecen International Airport

/June 13, 2007/

AIRPORT-DEBRECEN Ltd. completed further improvements on Debrecen International Airport, which welcomed over 40,000 visitors last year through its permanent Air border crossing point and duty line. One of the developments included increasing the available parking space, open free of charge to both departing and arriving travelers. The parking lot can now accommodate 369 cars and 16 coaches (buses). By summer 2007 a service parking lot will also be added, providing room for 61 employee vehicles.

New entrance -- shorter service road -- a wider range of services

  • Enhancement of the airport’s security system also continued, with the addition of a patrol road covering the whole airport area.
  • The passenger terminal expanded to 3500 m2 in 2006 now operates with computerized passenger and baggage check-in system at six check-in points.
  • The passenger terminal will be more rapidly accessible in the future: the construction of a new service road has just begun, which will significantly shorten the distance to the airport.
  • Although construction is ongoing both outside and inside the airport, Airport Debrecen Ltd. ensures a smooth operation of the facilities.
  • This summer they have begun the construction of the restaurant-, gift shop, and duty-free shop area, thus preparing to provide an even wider range of services to all travelers.

Air Rescue Base

  • According to a contract recently signed with the National Ambulance Service (Orszagos Mento Szolgalat), Airport Debrecen Ltd. will establish a 4000 m2 air rescue base on Debrecen International Airport.

Controlled airspace
  • Since June 12, 2007, Debrecen International Airport operates as controlled airspace, and ha retained its ICAO 7-9 category qualification obtained in 2006.

Summer charter flights

In summer 2007, 15 charters will fly to 11 destinations:
  • Monastir – Tunisia
  • Sharm El Sheikh – Egypt
  • Zakynthos – Greece
  • Crete – Greece
  • Corfu – Greece
  • Rhodes – Greece
  • Dresden – Germany
  • Leipzig – Germany
  • Mallorca – Spain
  • Burgas (Bourgas) – Bulgaria
  • Antalya – Turkey

For a detailed schedule, please visit Debrecen International Airport’s Home Page, or ask your travel agent.