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Debrecen International Airport

On March 2007, we received the following Press Release from Debrecen Facility Management CC (Debreceni Vagyonkezelő Zrt.).(We’ve added a few editor’s comments in italics, where we deemed useful.)

In 2007, Debrecen International Airport awaits passengers with a renewed and enlarged terminal, 6 check-in desks, and a free parking lot with 380 parking spaces.

This summer we will launch 16 charters to 12 destinations. In addition to our last year’s destinations – Corfu, Crete, Monastir /Tunisia/, Antalya /Turkey/, Dresden, Leipzig, Burgas /Bourgas, Bulgaria/, and Mallorca /Spain/– this year, passengers departing from Debrecen Airport can fly to 4 new destinations, such as Rhodes and Zakynthos, Montenegro’s Tivat and the Egyptian Sharm El Sheikh. The flights are scheduled between June 2007 and end of October 2007.

For a detailed schedule, please visit Debrecen International Airport’s Home Page.

Airport Debrecen Ltd.’s advisory for a safe and pleasant journey

Dear Passengers,

In order to enjoy a safe and pleasant journey, please follow the regulations below:

  • Before traveling, check the validity of your passport /and visa, if applicable/.
  • When making arrangements with a travel agency, please inform the staff of any special needs or service. For example: need for a wheelchair, health problems, etc.
  • If you are traveling with a baby or a small child, please report at check-in as soon as they open the desk, to secure adequate seats. /Seats are assigned on a first-come first-served basis./
  • It is strictly forbidden to have any sharp or pointy objects or glass in your carry-on bag. Please place any such items in your checked-in luggage.
  • According to EU regulations, only small amounts of liquids, creams, and gels can be brought aboard flights, and these need to be packed as follows:
  • Liquids and gels must be stored in containers of 3 oz. (100 ml) capacity or less per container.
  • The small containers need to be placed in a clear transparent re-sealable 1-quart (1 liter) size plastic bag. The contents of the plastic bag must be subjected to inspection by the security personnel.
  • Airport security personnel are charged to confiscate and discard any liquids stored in larger containers.
  • You may have the following items in your carry-on bag, but you must be able to show their origin and proof of their need, if asked to do so: medications, liquids or gels for diabetic needs, and baby formula/milk and baby food.

Items considered to be „liquid”:

Chocolate, creams, oils, drinks, cream cheese, pâté, paste, peanut butter, soup, syrup, water, yogurt, cottage cheese, chocolate coated cottage cheese sticks (túró rudi), butter, margarine, frozen food, canned goods, sausages, gels, whipped sweets and foams, Christmas candy (szaloncukor), hair die, liquid lipstick, liquid masks, body lotions, aerosols and deodorants, perfumes, fingernail polish remover, and any other objects with a similar texture.

For the sake of passenger safety, we thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

Airport Debrecen Ltd.

More info on Debrecen International Airport’s Home Page.