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Access to healthcare

European quality healthcare is generally available throughout Hungary, however not all doctors or dentists are contracted for the services of the National Health Insurance (Orszagos Egeszsegbiztositasi Penztar) and thus costs of the healthcare may vary significantly. Please read through the following before your travel.

NON-EU NATIONALS and residents of countries that don't have bilateral agreements with Hungary on the provision of healthcare have to pay full price for the healthcare services rendered in Hungary.

According to the Hungarian legislation, the health care provider can set the fee freely; however most health care providers have established price lists that can be consulted before the treatment.

EU NATIONALS possessing a European health insurance card (EHIC) can get free or reduced cost healthcare in case of illness or accident during their visit to Hungary. Note, however that:
  1. Only publicly funded health treatment is included in this scheme, and
  2. Due to a new legislation (15/02/2007) all insured persons in Hungary have to pay a fee per visit to the doctors or a daily fee in case of hospital treatment.

Visit fee:

600 HUF
  • In case of treatment by a general practitioner (GP, 'haziorvos').
  • If you seek care in an outpatient center ('szakrendelo') without referral from a GP.
300 HUF
  • In case of outpatient treatment, if you have a referral issued by a general practitioner (GP, 'haziorvos').
  • Without referral if the treatment given relates to dermatology, gynecology, urology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, oncology, or general surgery.
1000 HUF
  • For GP services at night or off consultation hours.

In case of emergency no fee is due.

Hospital treatment fee:

300 HUF/day, up to the 20th day. No charge is due from the 21st day of your hospital stay.
  • In case of in-patient treatment provided through a referral from a GP.
  • In urgent cases no referral is necessary.
Admission fee of 4,000 HUF + 800 HUF/day, up to the 30th day of treatment. The charge is 400 HUF from the 31st day of the inpatient stay.
  • When using a healthcare provider other than the one specified in the referral by the prescribing doctor.
Co-payment of 30% but maximum of 100,000 HUF
  • When obtaining hospital treatment without a referral from a primary health care provider, or
  • When you choose to be treated by a doctor who is not on duty at the time of the treatment.
For extra services (better room, meal, etc.) additional charges are applied by the hospitals.

The visit fee, private charges for seeing a doctor or dentist, and co-payment for hospital services and pharmaceuticals
are not refundable.

For more info, please consult your local social security or sickness insurance office, and also read the following: