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Ferihegy I Airport Accessible by Train – As Scheduled

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ferihegy I Train Station
According to their previous announcement, the Hungarian National Train CC. (Magyar Allamvasutak Zrt. – MAV) opened a new train station to the public on July 16, 2007. The new train stop provides direct access to Budapest International Airport’s Ferihegy I Terminal, thus ensuring fare to and from the airport at regular train ticket prices. The 22-25 min. ride from Budapest Nyugati train station to Ferihegy I costs 300 HUF (~1.7 USD).

ATTENTION: Until September 2007, only the passenger trains running on the Cegled line (Budapest-Cegled-Szolnok), from and to Budapest Nyugati train station will stop at Ferihegy I.

Tickets can be purchased
in the central hall of Ferihegy I Airport, in the office of Budapesti Turisztikai Szolgaltato Kht. (Budapest Tourist Service – open from 9 AM to 10 PM), or on the train, from the ticket inspector, with no extra charge! Budapest Nyugati sends 51 trains via Ferihegy I on weekdays, and 38 on weekends, and plans are that starting fall 2007, the Intercity (IC) trains will have a scheduled stop here as well.



MAV Timetable -- English, German, Hungarian

MAV Home -- Hungarian

NOTE: There has been negative feedback about the accessibility and use of this new service. To be on the safe side, you may want to try it out for yourself in your spare time, before actually using it to catch a plane.

"If anybody had had some spare time the day after the minister's speech, they could have wondered down to Nyugati station and bought a ticket to the airport. Admittedly, the ticket clerk would have scratched his or her head for a while before finally exclaiming: "Of course! Do you want to take the Monor train or the Szolnok one?" One departs from the station's central platforms, while the other goes from a distant siding - it's a matter of taste, perhaps. They have an uncertain timetable. Sometimes they leave every 10 minutes, at other times you have to wait half an hour."

Source: HVG, via Budapest Portal, July 30, 2007.