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The road to No BUTS

Coming on February 2, 2009, to media surfaces throughout Hungary

Established in May 2008, Hungary’s Media Union (Médiaunió, the equivalent of the US Ad Council) launches its first, year-long campaign to draw attention to Hungarians’ health problems, and to emphasize the individual’s responsibility in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and focusing on prevention.

No BUTS, it’s up to you too! 2009 ad campaign, Media Union, Hungary

"No BUTS, it’s up to you too!" will be the mantra of the 2009 mega-campaign meant to become a change agent in bringing about a Hungarian society aware of its health issues, and Hungarian individuals who take responsibility for their own physical and mental wellness. The founders, partners, and supporters of the Media Union go beyond saturation bombing the average Hungarian with health related messages: they take upon themselves the "too" in "it’s up to you too!". The campaign will not only point out the Hungarian society’s health related problems and the general tendency to find excuses, but will later focus on opportunities and various tools that will enable sustainable change for those who have heard the message and are willing to take into their own hands their future well-being and quality of life.

"After breaking negative thinking, we will introduce new, positive attitudes, and concrete action patterns. We will encourage perseverance by placing emphasis on rewards, the short- and longtime, positive effects of the determination to change one’s lifestyle", said András Pusztay, the president of the Media Union, in reference to the second half of the campaign.

Miracle pills and excuses grow on every tree, but if we desire to maintain our wellness in the long run, and if we want to prevent health issues, then we individually need to take the necessary steps to achieve this. We need to make the first step, and the second, and the third…. As the saying goes, No BUTS, it’s chiefly up to us.

Iren Bencze, January 30, 2009

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