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From Mongolia to Opusztaszer Hungary by Horse

Twenty eight year old Australian Tim Cope, ‘Australian Adventurer of the Year 2006’ set off three years ago on a journey by horse, foot and camel from Mongolia to Hungary on the Trail of Genghis Khan. …And he has now arrived in Hungary.

Tim undertook the 6,214-mile (10,000 km) Odyssey from Mongolia to Hungary to learn more about the lives of the nomads still living today, and also to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Genghis Khan, whose Empire spanned all the way to Hungary.

The stretch of Tim’s Hungarian trail is coordinated by the Hungarian Equestrian Tourism Association (Magyar Lovasturisztikai Szovetseg), and upon arrival to Hungary, he was taken under the “protective wings” of the HNTO’s Northern Great Plain Regional Marketing Directorate.

A film was made of his entire journey, which will be broadcast on the National Geographic channel, and thus viewers worldwide will see the Hungarian sights of his trail as well. According to Gergely Peszeki of the Northern Great Plain Regional Marketing Directorate, Tim was touched by the Hungarian hospitality, and said that he will spread the word far and wide about the warmth with which he was welcome in our country.

Tom Cope on the Trail of Genghis Khan

Tim will conclude his over three-year journey on September 22, 2007, at the Opusztaszer National Memorial Park, where he will meet Scottish long-distance rider Gordon Naysmith, who rode 14,000 km from South Africa to Austria in the early 1970s.

…And to think of it, before setting out on this adventure, Tim first had to learn to ride a horse.


Turizmus Online [2007-09-03 23:50:26]

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