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NO to Violence against Women!

April 3, 2009

The European Parliament says NO to Violence against Women!

More than 400 Members of the European Parliament (EP) eventually signed the written declaration initiated by Eva-Britt Svensson “Say NO to Violence against Women”. The adoption of this declaration means the EP wants to put the spotlight on the needs for action and protection of women against violence and gives a full backing for the UNIFEM in its effort to stop violence against women.

Nincs DE, No BUTS
He says: But you deserved it, 'cause you were making eyes at...
Scene from Médiaunió's 2009 "No BUTS" campaign. To see full video, click on the image.

In Europe today, the shocking truth is that women die from violence every day. In the UK, two women die each week at the hands of a partner or an ex-partner and 80.000 women experience rape or attempted rape. In Spain, 140.000 women have reported in 2008 to have experienced gender violence, which means an average of 400 every day.

EPAC VAW and the European Women’s Lobby warmly welcome the adoption of the declaration as a clear signal that the EP calls on the EU to take action to address these violations of women’s human rights. Women’s NGOs are now waiting for the European Year against VAW within the next 5 years.

This can help to change policies and bring services and resources to survivors.

The declaration is available in all EU languages:

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