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Roaming milestone on 30 September 2007

Eurotariff for all and full transparency

On Sunday 30 September 2007, the full benefit of the European Union's regulation on roaming will become evident to all. It marks the day when all mobile users should benefit from the new Eurotariff and be made aware of roaming charges anytime they cross an internal border of the EU.

(28/09/2007) 30 September is the official deadline by which all mobile phone users should benefit from the regulation's price ceilings - tariffs no higher than 49 eurocents per minute for calls made abroad and no higher than 24 eurocents for calls received abroad, excluding VAT. Since July / August early Eurotariff adopters have already benefited from offers of the more proactive mobile operators. Such EU consumers are now paying up to 70% less for using their mobile phone abroad. The 30 September deadline is for all mobile operators to changeover all of their customers to the Eurotariff, if they have not already reacted and if they do not have a pre-existing roaming package.

Sunday is also the deadline by when all mobile customers should receive price information every time they cross an EU border. This obligation for more transparency will guarantee users are kept aware of the cost of using their phone abroad. It also means that it will be easier for customers to shop around for cheaper deals, an important element for increasing competition and for keeping prices low.

Further details on the Europe-wide compliance of the EU roaming regulation will be announced at a press conference of Commissioner Reding, and a technical briefing in Brussels on 4 October. The EU roaming regulation became law on 30 June.

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