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Phone Use and Emergencies in Hungary

Country code: 36

Area codes:
  • Budapest area code: 1 + 7 digit phone number
  • The rest of the country: two-digit area code + 6 digit phone number (Ex. Zebra Taxi, Kecskemet: 76-444-444; 76 being the area code for Kecskemet, 444-444 the cab company’s phone number.)
  • Cell phones: two digit company code (the equivalent of an area code on the land-line) + 7 digit phone number.
There are three major cell phone providers in Hungary: Pannon GSM, T-Mobile and Vodafone. They have their individual default area codes: Pannon GSM – 20, T-Mobile – 30, and Vodafone – 70. Note, however, that they now offer free number portability, so someone with a 20 area code may well be a T-Mobile or Vodafone user now.

NOTE: There are a few special area codes:

  • 40 – it counts as a local call (Blue Number)
  • 80 – toll free (Green Number)
  • 90 – very, very expensive!

International calls:
  • On a land-line: 00 + country code + area code + telephone number
  • On a cell phone: ’+’ (plus sign) + country code + area code + telephone number; OR, the same way as with the landlines, by dialing 00 (double zero) and then the numbers.

Long distance calls
  • On landlines or when calling from a cell phone, dial 06 + area code + telephone number. (Ex. If you were to call the Kecskemet based Zebra Taxi from Budapest, you would dial 06-76-444-444.)

Local calls
  • When you are making a local call on landlines, you don’t need to dial an area code, just simply the seven-digit number in Budapest, or the six digit phone numbers in the rest of the country.


Valid throughout Europe:
  • Directory enquiries 118

Emergencies Nationwide:

  • Emergency ambulance service 104
  • Fire emergency 105
  • Police response 107
  • Auto club 188

Non-emergency ambulance services in Budapest

  • Trauma Hospital 299-7700
  • Fonix SOS Ambulance Service 200-0100
  • National Hematological Institute 466-6437

Quote from the Overseas Security Advisory Council’s (OSAC) "Hungary 2007 Crime & Safety Report”

Police Response

The Hungarian Economics Ministry and the Hungarian National Police have set up a hotline for tourists who are scammed at restaurants and clubs. The hotline number is 438-8080, with calls taken between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., with English and German language capability. A tourism information line operating 24 hours a day can be reached toll-free at 06-806-60-044 from within Hungary and at 605-50-044 from abroad.

Further Information

U.S. citizens are encouraged to report any situations where they are the victims of personal crime in Hungary to U.S. Embassy Budapest. The telephone numbers are 475-4400 (ask for American Citizen Services) during regular business hours, and 475-4703 after hours and on weekends. The Regional Security Office can be contacted at 475-4918.

For the full report and relevant articles, please visit the
OSAC webpage here.


NOTE: We try too keep our information updated, but for your safety, always double-check crucial data before leaving your country.