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'Entertaining Mr. Sloane' Coming to Picasso Point Budapest

'Entertaining Mr. Sloane' Coming to Picasso Point Budapest, Hungary
In April and May 2009, volunteer actors of Equus Productions bring Joe Orton's controversial 1964 comedy, "Entertaining Mr Sloane" to English speaking Hungarians in Budapest. Directed by Rhett Stevens, the black comedy with a difficult and challenging text will be provocative in more than one sense of the word, yet the audience is called upon to come judge for themselves how the piece ‘entertains’.

Meeting of Migrant Women in Budapest

Menedék Migránsokat Segítő Egyesület, Hungarian Association for Migrants

Menedék – the Hungarian Association for Migrants is planning to organize a meeting for migrant women currently living in Hungary. The meeting would like to provide an opportunity for the women to meet, exchange experiences, voice recommendations in order to improve their situation.

Lunch AND Lecture

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