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Come and see the thousand faces of Hungary and the Hungarian culture

Géró House Farm Yard and Open-Air Theater Helvécia

6034 Helvécia, Széles köz 11/1.

Undoubtedly a local icon, the Géró House Farm Yard and Open-Air Theater would rightfully deserve to become a cultural landmark of South-East Hungary, the Puszta region.

Géró House Farm Yard, Helvécia, Hungary

Owned and operated by Enikő Törzsök, widow of the late woodworking artist, György Géró, Géró House Farm Yard is a precious desert flower, a 2000 m2 island of folklore, history, and art; a special place of beauty and peace. Reflecting 20 years’ work of a creative genius, every minute detail of the estate carries a significance that no one museum or art exhibit could ever equal.

Géró House Farm Yard, country living interior, Helvécia, Hungary

The property showcases five buildings that combine the elements of traditional Hungarian farmsteads and folk art motifs with the fruits of the playful imagination of the woodworking artist. Furnished with hand carved tables and benches, wooden statues, wood carvings, wooden utensils and antiques, the dwelling can seat 30 guests in a room overlooked by a Beehive oven.

Géró House Open-Air Theater, Helvécia, Hungary

Designed to be a retreat and a resource for art and artists, the estate includes an open-air theater with a 100 m2 stage and seating for 170 people. A 180 m2 wine cellar invites for refreshments and conversations that last way into the night; and a park, a pond, hand carved tree- and “gingerbread houses”, and playgrounds court the child in us all to leave heavy thoughts behind, and come sprinkle fairy dust over the sand of the puszta.

Iren Bencze

  • Géró House Farm Yard, Helvécia, HungaryUpon appointment.
  • Call Monday - Saturday between 10.00 AM and 6.00 PM.
  • Closed on Sundays.

Entrance fee:
  • 800 HUF/person.
  • Children and seniors, 600 HUF/person.

To visit or organize events or day camps on the estate, call:
  • Cell: +36-30-985-1548 - Hungarian
  • Cell: +36-20-436-1242 - English
  • Fax: +36-76-492-772


Géró Udvarszínház
6034 Helvécia
Széles köz 11/1.


The organizers reserve the right to change the program at any time.