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Abádszalók is located on the western edge of Nagykunság, on the left side of the Tisza, midway between Szolnok and Tiszafüred. Ancient documents and archaeological facts witness that this area has always been populated, although it became desolate periodically.

Anonymous written records dating from 1138 mention Abád as a significant spot for crossing the river. Its name can most probably be originated from the diminutive form of the Turkish aba, meaning father. Szalók is also mentioned in ancient documents as early as 1248, having the name associated with the same origin, but being a proper name, Zaluch. This town shared the fate of Abád and was destroyed, then settled again in the 18th century.

The 44 German artisan families moved in by László Orczy in 1740 still live here and continue the traditions of their fathers. Basket-making and matting had had a history in this area, for the river provided all the necessities.

Having only a narrow street to separate the two villages, several attempts had been made from 1849 to 1896 to unify them. Finally, the union of Tiszaabád and Tiszaszalók formed the town known today as Abádszalók. However, the Calvinist branches were amalgamated only in 1971, after the last minister from Szalók retired.

Abádszalók has always been famous for its bobbin lace, having been an excellent source of living for many in this area. The town is also famous for its Doll Museum.

As part of a reservation area, the more than 150 kinds of birds and the oak forest (Quercus robur) make this town extremely significant.

Thanks to the largest bathing establishment of Hungary here in the Attila-bay, Abádszalók has been progressing rapidly since 1989, providing a paradise for those who love fishing or watersports.

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