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Hungarian Armed Forces’ Mil Mi-24 Hind a Success at Berlin Air Show

Hind, the Hungarian Defense Forces’ Mil Mi-24 helicopter serving at MH 86. HE (helicopter AFB) Szolnok was a success at this year’s Berlin Air Show, ILA2008, in Berlin Schönefeld. The helicopter sports a stunning special paint scheme depicting a hind, its namesake.

ILA2008 - Mi-24 V Hind, Hungarian Defense Forces, Hungary
ILA2008 - Mi-24 V Hind, Hungarian Defense Forces, Hungary (No. 214)

Established in 1909, the ILA is regarded as the world’s oldest aviation trade show. It is organized jointly by the German Aerospace Industry Association (BDLI) and by Messe Berlin. At its location in Berlin/Brandenburg, the ILA has been providing a wide-ranging international show for the trade and the public, with accompanying conferences, every two years since 1992.

ILA2008 was the ninth such event to be held since it re-located to Berlin. Between May 27 and June 1st, 331 aircraft of all sizes and categories were on show on the ground and in the air, and many of them were making their first public appearance at Schönefeld. The Hungarian Armed Forces presented one of the world’s largest combat helicopters, the Mi-24.

ILA2008 - Mi-24 V Hind, Hungarian Defense Forces, Hungary
ILA2008 - Mi-24 V Hind, Hungarian Defense Forces, Hungary (No. 315)

Hind’s flying display was performed by lieutenant-colonel József Koller, the second in command at MH 86. HE Szolnok, and major Attila Suszter. The Hungarian team’s demonstration received a great response from the public, and a special award from the professionals.

The approx. 241.000 attendants of ILA2008 were impressed by the Air Show, as well as by the other main features of the event, such as the areas devoted to space, helicopters, and the German armed forces. The next ILA will take place from 8 to 13 June 2010, but aviation enthusiasts need not wait that long to see Hind in action: it will be one of the fan favorites at the upcoming Hungarian International Air Show & Military Display in Kecskemét, August 16 and 17, 2008 .

Photo: ILA2008

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