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Ebes, located in Hajdú-Bihar County, is 5 miles away from Hajdúszoboszló, one of the largest water park and spa resorts in Hungary, and 10 miles from the second biggest city of the country – Debrecen.

As one of the oldest towns in Hungary, Ebes and its vicinity was populated even before the Honfoglalás (The Conquering of the Carpathian Basin by the Huns). This area was already referred to in written documents as early as 1067, and later the Regestrum of Várad made reference to Ebes in 1271. The name Ebes most probably associates from the surrounding swampy area.

After the 16th century, this prospering little village was almost utterly destroyed, under the reign of the Ottoman Empire. Only in the early 1700s did people start to move back, starting a new era of progression. The completion of the railway connecting Debrecen and Budapest, in the middle of the 19th century, opened further opportunities for development. In 1952, Ebes became independent, and they built the Parish Hall, the first school and consulting room, as well as roads, sidewalks and an electrical system, along with more than 100 new houses. In 1952-53 many were deported from Szeged (mainly families) and lived on the edge of town; the statue in the Calvinist churchyard was erected to their remembrance.

Today, the formerly agricultural town also benefits from its trade, tourism and industry.

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