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Museum of the Hajdusag Region Hajduboszormeny

Address: 4220 Hajdúböszörmény, Kossuth u. 1.

Museum of the Hajdusag Region HajduboszormenyMuseum of the Hajdusag Region Hajduboszormeny Hungary
Photo: Laszlo Fodor

The erstwhile Hall of the Hajdu District, this museum has offered room for permanent exhibitions of folk art, history, and archaeology since 1924, and is named after the permanent display on the heyducks (hajdu).

An academic library is also run in the institution, and the City Court works in the so-called Bocskai-wing. The building has been reconstructed in three parts. The first part, constructed according to Janos Jenovai's plans between 1762 and 1765 had a dungeon where the famous outlaw, Bandi Angyal was imprisoned. For safety reasons this dungeon has been later filled up.

The second part of the reconstructions resulted in the extension of the building under the direction of Jozsef Rachbauer and Andras Jarabin, while the third part was carried out by Janos Balthazar's plans, to have the currently operating Court Wing and a new prison built. After this period, the institution was used as a bank, police station, casino, dormitory, etc.

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