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Photo Gallery

Welcome to the photo gallery, a continually updated collection of photo contest entries and our personal and visitor photographs.

Come and see the thousand faces of Hungary and the Hungarian culture

Bell House Hajduszoboszlo

Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Szent István park 1.

The Bell House Hajduszoboszlo

A spectacular architectural composition designed by Zoltán Rácz, and unveiled in the year of the Millennium (2000), the Bell House has a unique bell collection on display. The nearly 50 specially designed aluminium alloy bells were cast with slotting in them, to create a special sound. This characteristic method of pouring bells was patented by the artist couple Edit Oborzil and Tibor Jeney. The bell collection was gifted to the city by Hajdúszoboszló-born Edit Oborzil.

Bell House HajduszoboszloBell House Hajduszoboszlo Hungary

Photo: László Fodor

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