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Third Hungarian Jew's Harp Festival Kecskemet

September 21-23, 2007

Jew's harp (doromb) is one of the oldest and most universal instruments in the world. Its history goes back more than 15000 years, and it's known almost all over the globe.

By organizing the Third Hungarian Jew's Harp Festival, the Kecskemet Youth Center continues in the tradition of introducing the most acknowledged players worldwide along the best Hungarian Jew's harpers and bands. The board of the International Jew's Harp Society visited the festival in 2005, and chose Kecskemet to be the organizer of the 7th International Jew's Harp Festival and Conference in 2010, at which more than 50 nations are expected to participate.

The chief organizer of the event is Aron Szilagyi, a board member of the International Jew's Harp Society, and internationally acknowledged musician. He was the program organizer of the Jew's Harp World Festival in Amsterdam in 2006, and he is organizing the program for the 6th International Koukin Festival in Hokkaido in 2008.

Leo Tadagawa on YouTube
Program of events

Friday, September 21, 2007

@ the YURT in the courtyard
19:00 Yurt-opening ceremony:
  • Leo Tadagawa's photo exhibition opening
  • Alexander Horsch: Ancient music and tradition concert

Saturday, September 22, 2007

@ the YURT in the courtyard
11:00 Musical playground for childrenThird Hungarian Jew's Harp Festival Kecskemet
13:00 "A Glimpse on the Jew's Harp" - a film by Catherine le Maignan
14:20 Jew's harp class for beginners, semi advanced: Aron Szilagyi
15:00 Human Beatbox class to youngsters. How to create the best rhythms only by human voice: Tamas Domotor "Dome” - Hungarian beatbox champion
16:00 "Trumpi" - a film by Iwan Schumacher
17:30 Leo Tadagawa' presentation

15:00 Asian overtone singing workshop: Tran Quang Hai
17:30 Didgeridoo workshop, master course: Markus Meurer

19:30 Lucy Wright (UK)
19:50 END - First Hungarian Female Jew's Harp Ensemble
20:00 Istvan Zsirmik and his band
20:30 Leo Tadagawa /JPN/
20:50 Aron Szilagyi - spheric Jew's harp concert
21:20 Kim Borisov /YAK/
21:50 Luca Recupero /ITL/
22:30 Flotas - moldvan traditional music
23:00 Tran Quang Hai /VIETNAM/
23:30 Airtist /D-H/
24:00 Closing gala

Sunday, September 23, 2007

@ the YURT in the courtyard
11:00 Finn-ugric ancient stories, tales for families: Istvan Zsirmik

Organizer, host: Kecskemet Youth Center
Kecskemeti Ifjusagi Otthon
H-6000 Kecskemet, Kossuth ter 4
Phone/fax: +36-76/481 686, +36-76/481-523

Co-organizer: Eurokult International Cultural Association

Admission: 1000 HUF; students: 700 HUF


The program is subject to change


Aron Szilagyi: doromb.on CD

Leo Tadagawa on YouTube

Tran Quang Hai home page – English, French, and Vietnamese

Markus Meurer home page – German

The organizers reserve the right to change the program at any time.