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December 27. St John’s Day

Apostle and evangelist, John is the author of the Book of Revelations, is symbolized by the Eagle, and is one of the figures on the Holy Crown of Hungary. Legends were born about his proselytizing journeys to Asia, about his raising dead, and his own resurrection.

Women in labor as well as those in pain and sickness pleaded to him for help. Pharmacies in Hungary - Golden Eagle, Black Eagle - still bear names resembling John’s protecting power. Children born on this day received his name, as a token of the bond between Jesus and the family.

One of the most well-known traditions among the countless connected to this day is the rouse of wine. Associated from the mass liturgy, it became a widely used method to heal the sick cattle, cleanse the wells, or bless the crops – in a word, as protection from the devil. Before going to war, having a baptism or a burial-feast, they drank it.

In the southern Hungarian city, Szeged, it was believed that all the evil powers can be observed on this very day.

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