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The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Kalocsa

Address: 6300 Kalocsa, Szentháromság tér 1.

Roman Catholic Cathedral Kalocsa
The history of the archdiocese of Kalocsa is closely interwoven with that of Hungary. The archdiocese was founded by St. Stephen of Hungary in 1010, and its first archbishop was Astrik, who delivered St. Stephen’s crown from Pope Sylvester II. From the very beginning, the Archbishop of Kalocsa was next in rank to the Archbishop of Gran, which meant that when Gran was vacant, the Archbishop of Kalocsa had the right to crown the sovereign. For example, in 1175, the Archbishop of Kalocsa was chosen to crown Bela III; and likewise, in 1204, Archbishop John crowned Ladislaus III.

The first parish church of the archdiocese was erected in the 1050s, and another two churches were raised and devastated on its place, before history allowed a time of rest and recovery. The foundation of the present-day cathedral was laid under the leadership of Count Gorgy Csaky (1710-32), but it is Count Gabor Patachich, who may be looked upon as the second founder of the archdiocese. He moved the archiepiscopal residence permanently to Kalocsa, and concentrated all his efforts on the reorganization of the archdiocese.

Designed by Andras Mayerhoffer and built between 1735 and 1754, the jewel of downtown Kalocsa, the Italian baroque Cathedral stands 65 meters tall, 64 meters long, and 24 meters wide.

Statue of Mary on the Cathedral of Kalocsa
The bridge linking the towers of the cathedral once held three statues: Mary between the apostles Peter and Paul. However, the statues of the apostles, carved in 1775, started to crumble, and in 2007 they had to be removed from the top of the cathedral. Evermore dramatic, the lone statue of Mary, the patron saint of Hungary, spreads her arms as if calling us in and lifting us up into the skies; a most befitting host for the cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady.

The Cathedral’s original organ was made by the Angster Company from Pecs, in 1923, but it was disassembled in World War I, and its pipes were used for military purposes. The reconstruction of the organ took place in 1985, and today the 64 register, three-manual organ with pedals awes the local congregation and visiting tourists with impressive sounds rushing through 4668 pipes. No wonder that even Franz Liszt liked to play on it during his visits to Kalocsa.

The Angster Organ of the Kalocsa CathedralThe Altar of the Kalocsa Cathedral, Hungary
Photo: pappani

H-6300 Kalocsa
Szentharomsag ter 1

Phone/Fax: +36-78-487-501

  • April 1 – October 31: Mon-Sun 8.30 –12.00 noon and 15.00 –18.00
  • November 1 – 30: Mon-Sun 8.30 – 12.00 noon


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