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Tisza Lodge Tiszaderzs = serving foreign visitors to Hungary
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Photo Gallery

Welcome to the photo gallery, a continually updated collection of photo contest entries and our personal and visitor photographs.

Come and see the thousand faces of Hungary and the Hungarian culture

Kecskemet Winterfest 2007 – FECCC

Erdei Ferenc Kulturalis es Konferencia Kozpont
December 1 – 22, 2007

December 1 – 21
Bela Gyalai painting exhibition

Painter Bela Gyulai, born in 1951 in Tiszavarkony, is a member of the Kecskemet Artists Community (Kecskemeti Kepzomuveszek Kozossege) and the National Association of Hungarian Artists (Magyar Kepzomuveszek Orszagos Egyesulete). Nationally and internationally recognized artist, Gyulai is also the owner of the Tiszakecske City and Bacs-Kiskun county art award. „Painting is an integral part of my life,” he said. „Through it, I communicate with the world, I communicate with myself, and I connect to the past. It is the instrument of purification, of order, of creating harmony.”

Bela Gyalai Exhibition in Kecskemet, Hungary, 2007

Open: December 1 – 21, 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM, daily
Entrance fee: adults 100 HUF; groups 50 HUF/person

December 1 – 22
Artist of the month: painter Zsolt Durko Jr.

Born in 1965, Zsolt Durko Jr. was one of Pal Gerzson’s students at the Hungarian School of Arts (Magyar Kepzomuveszeti Foiskola), and graduated in 1989 with a degree in painting. He’s had individual exhibitions since the middle of the1990s, introducing artwork created with a new technique developed by him, which combines elements of traditional painting with photography techniques.

His latest individual exhibition, „Composer portraits from Mozart to Bartok”, was held in 2006, during the Budapest Spring Festival, at the Gerbeaud Harmindad Gallery, and his recent chamber exhibition is a salute to the memory and life work of Zoltan Kodaly, artist and educator.

Open: daily, during regular opening hours.


Saturday, December 1, 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM

Japanese Day

Organized by the Kecskemet-Aomori Fraternity and the Ferenc Erdei Cultural and Conference Center, the Japanese Day celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Hungarian-Japanese Fellowship (Magyar-Japan Barati Tarsasag), and will include the following:
  • 10:00 - 10:30 AM: Ikebana demonstrationKiyo-Kito Taiko Drumming Group
  • 10:00 - 11:00 AM: Origami workshop – winter holidays
  • 10:30 - 11:00 AM: Bonsai presentation
  • 11:00 -11:30 AM: Opening ceremony
  • 11:30 AM -12:00 noon: Kiyo-Kito Taiko Drumming Group
  • 12:00 - 12:30 PM: Japanese book review and Haiku workshop
  • 12:00 - 4:00 PM: Food tasting (Products of Nissin Foods Ltd.)
  • 1:00 - 2:00 PM: Tea ceremony and tasting
  • 2:00 - 3:00 PM: Calligraphy demonstration and workshop
  • 2:00 - 4:00 PM: Origami workshop – winter holidays
  • 3:00 - 4:00 PM: Martial Arts demonstrations: Nanbudo, Ju Jitsu, Aikido
Throughout the day:
  • Photo exhibition: photographs by Andras Straszer and Makkaine Eva Hoksza
  • Bonsai exhibit professional advice
  • An introduction to Zen Buddhism, and Zazen practice
  • Movie screening: Kecskemet TV’s footage shot in Japan
Entrance is free; all are welcome.
Kecskemet-Aomori Fraternity (Kecskemet-Aomori Barati Kor)
Phone: +36-76-484-902

December 1 – 9
Advent quilts – Exhibition from the works of the Kecskemet Sunflower Quilting Group (Napraforgo Foltvarro Kor)

Open: 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM, daily
Entrance is free.
Sponsor: Kolmer Ltd.

December 3 – 22
"Advent Cribs and Christmas Toys” (Betlehemek es karacsonyi jatekok) – exhibition from the collection of the Szorakatenusz Toy Museum and Workshop

Advent and Christmas are the most plentiful among the events that inspire toy making and play. Some of these originate from times long past, others became part of our lives only a few decades ago. The „Advent Cribs and Christmas Toys” exhibition gives an overview of these, displaying, among others, rural and urban Advent Cribs, colorful, illustrated cutout sheets, as well as dolls and sugar bowls accompanying Santa’s arrival.

Open during regular hours.
Entrance is free.

December 4 – 12
Products from Scraps

Terbe Design
The exhibition organized by Oko-Pack PC is part of the Duna-Tisza Regional Municipal Solid Waste Management System project (Duna-Tisza-kozi Regionalis Telepulesi Szilardhulladek Gazdalkodasi Rendszer projekt). Visitors are invited to familiarize themselves with end products and the processes that facilitate the manufacture of marketable recycled goods.

Opening ceremony: Tuesday, December 4, @ 2.00 PM
Host: Dr. Gabor Zombor, Mayor of Kecskemet

  • On December 4, from 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM
  • December 5 – 12, from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM
  • Entrance is free

Saturday, December 8, @ 2.00 PM and 7.00 PM
"Snow-covered road" (Befutta az utat a ho…)

Folk singing by Rozika Farkas, Julia Szoka, Marta Csikos, Erika Somogyi, Jozsef Miklossy, Gabor Kapi, Arpad Ivanyi, and Jeno Fejos
Emcee: Janos Polos
Accompaniment: Kalman Olah and his Gypsy Band
Event organized and arranged by Jeno Fejos

Tickets on sale at the FECCC’s ticket office, starting from November 5. Open from 3.00 PM to 7.00 PM.

Tuesday, December 11, @ 7.00 PM

Christmas Benefit Concert for the Bliss Foundation

Performers: Bohem Ragtime Jazz Band, Kecskemet Jazz Orchestra, Classic Chamber Brass, and Kontra Zoltan
Entrance fee: 1.200 HUF (students 800 HUF)

Thursday, December 13, @ 5.00 PM
Zoltan Kodaly and the art of music – stamp exhibition organized by the MABEOSZ Kecskemet Municipal Philatelic Club (Varosi Belyeggyujto Kor)

The stamp collection gives us a glimpse into Zoltan Kodaly’s pursuits, also introducing various branches and genres of the musical arts. The exhibition is complemented by a selection from the material of the Kecskemet Group of the Hungarian Numismatists (Magyar Eremgyujtok Kecskemeti Csoportja).

Opening ceremony: December 13, @ 5.00 PM
Host: Dr. Mihaly Ittzes, Assistant Director Emeritus of the Zoltan Kodaly Pedagogical Institute of Music
Performance: students of the Pal M. Bodon Music School
Open till: December 21
Entrance is free

Thursday, December 13, @ 5.30 PM

Kecskemeti Artist Community "Open Studio" series

Introducing painter Bela Gyalai
Host: Karoly Balanyi
Sponsor: Kecskemet Cultural Fund (Kecskemeti Kulturalis Alap)

Sunday, December 16, @ 2.30 and 6.30 PM

"Give Me Back My Mountains!" (Adjatok vissza a hegyeimet!) – documentary about the life of Albert Wass

Albert Wass: Give Me Back My Mountains!

Panel discussion featuring director Gabor Koltai, literature scholar Mihaly Takaro, and actor Karoly Rekasi, who portrays Albert Wass in the movie.

Voluntary contribution: 1.200 HUF, which can be paid at the Cultural Center’s ticket office, between 3.00 PM and 7.00 PM.

Friday, December 21, from 5.00 to 10.00 PM

Christmas Dance House (Karacsonyi Tanchaz)
  • From 5.00 to 7.00 PM
Dance of the small ones: folk games, dances from the Kiskunsag region, reviving folk customs

Crafts: Candle dipping
Host artisan: Andrea Berei
  • From 7.00 to 8.00 PM
Csutri ball: learning dances of the Southern Great Plain
  • From 8.00 to 10.00 PM
Dance House for adults: dances of the Kiskunsag, Szek and Kalotaszeg (Transylvania, Romania), Magyarbod (Slovakia), Mezoseg, etc.

During the Dance House:
  • Bethlehem Shepherds Play (Betlehemezes) performed by the drama group of the Mihaly Vorosmarty Branch of the Downtown Elementary School, under the direction of Csilla Gudricza.
  • „Behold the types of dances” (Nezd a tanc nemeit) – performed by the 3rd and 6th graders of the Folk Dance Department of the Zoltan Kodaly Song and Music School
Caller: Laszlo Lukacs
Quizmaster: Laszlo Gulyas
Music by Hiros Band and Revber Band
Host: Kecskemet Dance Group
Sponsor: National Cultural Fund and the Kecskemet Kodaly Heritage Program

The Ferenc Erdei Cultural and Conference Center is closed between December 22, 2007 and January 6, 2008.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Erdei Ferenc Kulturalis as Konferencia Kozpont

6000 Kecskemet, Deak Ferenc ter 1

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A Hungarian Christmas Mummers’ Play in Toledo, Ohio

The organizers reserve the right to change the program at any time.