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Located in the East-western corner of Bács-Kiskun County, Kerekegyháza celebrated its sesquicentennial in 2006. The town is 50 miles from Budapest and 12 miles from the County seat, Kecskemét and can most easily be reached from Kunszentmiklós, Szabadszállás, and Lajosmizse. Population: 6138.

As recorded in history, this area is inhabited since ancient times. The city was named after the ruins of a rotund church building from the time of the Árpád dynasty, 2 miles southward from the city center. Today this small hill is called the Church-hill. Written records mention the city as early as 1323, referring to it as Kerekygház. Having changed proprietors several times in the following centuries, the city had finally depopulated. Solving this problem, in the 1850s Kumans, Krouts, Moravians and Bohemians were settled in the city. Since this multilingual community had a hard time understanding one another, sign language was introduced and consequently the city was called Kukália, meaning the city of dumb.

The Catholic Church in the center was built in 1913 in Gothic style, from the donations of the locals.
The patron saint of Kerekegyháza is St. Stephen, in the commemoration for whom fairs are held every 20th of August.
Another sight worth visiting is the Calvinist church, built in 1901, also from donations. Old pews, stamped floor and an antique organ which still functions give special value to the building.
Kerekegyháza is a corporate town since 1990 and was officially ranked to be a city by the President of the Republic in July 1, 2001.

Formerly, people in this area earned their living in agriculture, while nowadays this is stockbreeding. At present, 10% of the laying hens are found in Kerekegyháza. Also, tourism, aluminum- and light industry are of high account here.
Accommodation of high quality can be found in the city and its vicinity. Homesteads are beautifully renovated, and these famous spots provide visitors with great opportunities for playing golf and tennis, horseback riding, bicycling, as well as for getting absorbed into the discovery of the traditions, habits and cultural heritage of this area. Local restaurants and the wine specialties offer exciting culinary adventures.

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