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Király Restaurant Budapest

Király Étterem
1014 Budapest, Táncsics Mihály utca 25.

Király Restaurant Budapest, Hungary, Gypsy music, revue

Situated by the Vienna Gate in Budapest’s historic Castle District, Király Restaurant serves some of the most popular dishes of the Hungarian and the International cuisine, accompanied by the light Gypsy music of Károly Puka, interspersed with a revue performed by artists of the Budapest Operetta Theater.

Király Restaurant, Budapest, Hungary, interior, tables, settings

The restaurant awaits its guests with a discrete and elegant interior, Hollóházi porcelain dinner-service, and fresh flowers on the tables. The walls are decorated with photographs, remarks and autographs of celebrities who dined at the restaurant before: Michael Schumacher, Javier Solana, Tony Curtis, and Cindy Crawford, to name just a few.

The dishes on Király Restaurant’s Menu reflect the latest culinary trends, yet still preserve their old, familiar character, which they represent in world gastronomy. High-quality and healthy ingredients like gray cattle beef (szürkemarha), Mangalitsa pork (mangalica), trout, pike-perch, and Halas goose liver form the basis of the meals that turn into culinary art under the expert hands of the restaurant’s chef. An exquisite service rounds out the Király Restaurant dining experience to remember.

Menu Sampler:

Goulash soup made from Hungarian Grey Cattle beef shanks 2.200 Ft

Goose liver pâté with salad and fig jam 5.900 Ft
Fresh Letcho (Hungarian tomato and pepper ragout) with grilled goose liver 5.900 Ft
Meat pancakes "Hortobágy" style (pancakes filled with minced chicken stew and topped with sour cream and paprika sauce) 3.200 Ft

Vegetarian and pasta dishes
Warm lentil salad garnished with grilled leek and tomatoes 4.200 Ft
Ravioli stuffed with spinach and cottage cheese 3.900 Ft

Lettuce with raspberry dressing and grated Parmesan cheese 3.600 Ft
Grilled pepper salad with home made goat cheese 3.200 Ft
Cucumber salad 1.800 Ft

Main dishes

Broiled pike perch with quadrucci pasta with porcini mushrooms, served with paprika sauce 7.200 Ft
Rose-colored grilled breast of duck with spinach and porcini risotto 6.200 Ft
Knuckle of lamb in red wine, with steamed vegetables and cooked potatoes 6.800 Ft
Grey cattle beef tenderloin with grilled goose liver, with mushroom - sugar pea letcho and roasted potatoes 9.200 Ft


Sponge cake "Somló" style 2.200 Ft
Poppy seed sponge cake with blackcurrant sauce and vanilla mousse 2.200 Ft
Home made peach crème pudding 2.200 Ft

All prices are exclusive of 12% service charge

Credit cards accepted.
5% discount for cash payment


Király Restaurant Budapest, Hungary, entranceKirály Étterem
1014 Budapest, Táncsics Mihály utca 25.

Phone: +36 1 212-8565, +36 1 212-9891
Fax: +36 1 212-8566


The restaurant is easily accessible by taxi cab or public transport, or even on foot from the nearby hotels.

Photos: Király Étterem

Customer reviews:

"If you stay here /Hilton Budapest - Castle District/ then make every effort to dine at the Kiraly Etterem restaurant - just three minutes walk to the right of the hotel in the castle district. It's marvelously authentically Hungarian and we had a great meal. Not the cheapest though." --tarichard, London, Jan 30, 2008, on TripAdvisor

"We ate at the Kiraly Etterem restaurant which was great. They overheard us talking about my father's birthday and surprised us with a desert complete with sparkling candle and serenade." --lynne73, Apr 15, 2008, on TripAdvisor

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