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Welcome to the photo gallery, a continually updated collection of photo contest entries and our personal and visitor photographs.

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Small village, great options

February 6-7, 2009

Our Tiszaug adventure started on a mild Friday afternoon, with no signs of any possible mishaps. That is, until we got to the Kecskemét bus station, and we realized that the schools just got out for the week, and all the students were heading home to the neighboring villages. Some 40 kids with book bags and mp3 players secured a narrow spot for us standing in the isle between the seats. Luckily, our destination was only a little over half an hour away.

Edit, our hostess and guide lead us down the winding road to the guest house on the banks of the Holt-Tisza oxbow lake. Wasting no time, we grabbed our cameras (and our cell phone, respectively :)), and we set out to document the attractions of the village.

Following a pleasant walk along the banks of the oxbow lake, we stopped at the village museum, admiring the collection started by Mrs. Ede Balás, ‘golden wreath’ laureate woodworking artist, creator of the wooden statue displayed in the village center. Thanks to her dedication and the generous donations from the villagers, we can now step back in history, and get a feeling of the everyday life on the plains, where fishing, agriculture, and winemaking provided livelihood.

Holt-Tisza oxbow lake Banhidi mansion, primary school, Tiszaug, HungarySnowdrops

Sunrise, Holt-Tisza oxbow lake, Tiszaug, HungaryWild pear treeWeekend house on piers, Tisza river, Tiszaug, Hungary

Photos: Edit Légrádi. Click on images to enlarge.

Our next stop, the building of today's primary school, formerly the property of Dr. Stefánia Bánhidi, is said to have been the favorite hunting seat of Prince Ferenc Rákóczi II. We paused for a picture at the wrought iron gate at which Rákoczi is depicted tying his horse, on a painting said to be displayed in the Parliament building in Budapest.

On our way back to the guest house, we couldn’t resist taking pictures of the welcome mat of snowdrops lining the street. The crown of the day, though, was a delicious dinner in the company of our hostess and the son of Éva Radvány, Erwin Mann, and his wife. Once the Radvány family’s home, the Radvány Mansion today houses the Szőke Tisza social institution, which we were kindly allowed to visit on the next day.

Some other highlights of our next day included a walk on the beach, the center of summertime attractions, the gray cattle farm on the other side of the road, and on our way back to the village, the former mansion of Ferenc Steer’s widow.

Our last stop until next time were the weekend houses on piers on the flood plains of the Blonde Tisza, just across Hotel Pegasus***. While the oxbow lake is open for anglers and swimmers alone, hotel guests may use jet skis as well on the Tisza river.

At only 40 minutes distance from Kecskemét, Tiszaug is definitely a great option to consider, if you spend your summer holidays in the neighborhood.


The organizers reserve the right to change the program at any time.