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Kodaly Institute Kecskemet

Address: 6001 Kecskemét, Kéttemplomköz 1.

In the beginning

The Institute was founded with the purpose of providing an opportunity to foreign music teachers to familiarize themselves with the Kodaly method of music education and of providing further training opportunities for local teachers of music. The first Kodaly Seminary was held in 1970, the Institute was founded in 1973, and it was opened to the public in 1975.

Students from 44 different countries followed the first group attending the Institute’s courses in the 1975-76 academic year. The majority of these students come from the USA, Australia, Japan, Ireland, Great Britain and Canada. All courses are offered in English.

The present-day Institute

The Institute can be described in three words: teaching, research, and culture. The main purpose of the Institute is to introduce Zoltan Kodaly's music educational concepts; the theory and practice of the Kodaly method. The Institute offers one-year non-degree courses as well as an MA degree in Kodaly Music Pedagogy. Some of the subjects taught here include courses for music pedagogues/choral directors, Kodaly course for singers and pianists, folk music studies, chamber music/chamber singing, etc. Summer seminars and intensive courses are also available for local music teachers.

Besides the wide range of music courses offered, students also have access to the Institute's extensive library of relevant books and periodicals, sheet music, scores, LPs, CDs, etc. The Institute also publishes its own scores, CDs, and works in music pedagogy theory, which result from the research they undertake here.

Some of the most widely known events organized by the Institute include the International Kodaly Seminar and the Kodaly Art Festival.

For more information about studying at the Kodaly Institute, please go to:

The building

The Institute is housed in a former Franciscan monastery built in 1736. The whitewashed corridors of the building are decorated with exhibits of fine art, and public concerts invite for unforgettable moments.

In the early 1980s a new building was erected in the rear courtyard, which now houses offices, a library and an audio-visual studio.

: Kodaly Institute, H-6001, Kecskemet, PO Box 188, Kettemplom koz 1.
Tel.: +36-76-481-518, +36-76-320-160


The International Kodaly Society, Kecskemet (IKS) -- learn about scholarship opportunities

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