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Kunhegyes lies on the Northern rim of the Nagykunság area, around 8 miles from the Tisza lake.

Sarmatians lived here in the 1st century, B.C., then 1200 years later the Kuns settled in the area.
Despite having first mentioned in 1311 in written documents, Kunhegyes had already existed earlier, then called Hegyesegyház. The egyház (meaning church) part was soon omitted, and then called Kakathegyes, named after a small creek crossing the village. The name Kunhegyes was registered in 1552. It only became a 'real' Kun town after the late 1700s, when more and more Kuns settled in the area.

The town was ranked to be a Scarborough in 1815, and in 1895 it became the Seat of the Upper-Tisza region. Locals contributed money and other necessary supplies to the Hungarian Armies in the War of Freedom in 1848-49.
During the World Wars countless soldiers of this soil were killed or captured, and a slow progression could only come in the late 1960s. Throughout the centuries invaders, epidemics, and other plagues decimated the people of the town, which is now a prospering and fascinating spot in the region.

The town celebrated its 700th anniversary in 1989, when it was ranked to be a city again. Its agricultural and light-industrial contribution to the bloodstream of the region has been quite significant in the past few decades.

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